10 Technology Companies Give High Salary to Internship Employees

Technology companies are known to always provide high salaries to their employees. But not only employees are given high salaries and luxury facilities.


Unlike apprentice employees in other companies that sometimes do not get paid, apprentices in technology companies also earn a high salary.

This is not without reason, given the technology companies are competing to recruit young talent the best young engineers to develop its services.

So, which other company gives high salaries for apprentices? Here are 10 technology companies that provide high salaries to apprentices as quoted from Business Insider.

1. Groupon

Apprentices at Groupon are known to get paid US $ 6,667 per month.

This is based on the description of a former apprentice employee. He mentioned, the company has a good work culture and the people in it are very friendly and have a well-established workflow.

2. Uber

Employees of internships at these online transport companies are paid US $ 6,730 per month.

Uber is known as a fun company by an apprentice. He said, Uber has a unique habit, namely holding a weekly meeting directly between employees with the CEO.

3. Nest

Nest is a technology company known to have many genius engineers. Former Nest apprentice employees say, the people in it get enormous job pressures, let alone those who work in finance.

However, Nest apprentice employees call the company a large salary, which is US $ 6,773 per month.

4. Microsoft

An apprentice at Microsoft claimed to earn a substantial salary of US $ 7,000 or approximately Rp 93 million. He also told, in Bill Gates’s company, his coworkers are very fun.

5. Walmart E-Commerce

Apprentices at Walmart are also highly paid. One of the apprentice children said he was paid US $ 7,219 per month.

“The best engineers and scientists work at Walmart Labs, everyone is very friendly, even interns get good projects and apprenticeship programs become one of the company’s priorities,” the apprentice said.

6. NEC Labs America

Apprentice at NEC Labs America is paid US $ 7,400 per month. The company also frees employees to do as they wish.

7. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn professional social network is known to have a great work culture. An apprentice mentions, the company provides facilities such as bicycles, fitness trainers and gyms, basketball courts, entertainment rooms, and free food for its employees.

Just for information, LinkedIn also pays high apprentice employees. Even according to the apprentice, he earns US $ 7,500 per month.

8. Facebook

Facebook hired his apprentice employees at high wages, which reached US $ 8,000 per month.

Mark Zuckerberg besutan company is reportedly quite open and the relationship between managers with employees well established.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest reportedly provided a salary of US $ 8,125 per month for his apprentice employees. Interestingly, Pinterest also reportedly always keeps his employees always happy and full of inspiration.

10. Dropbox

Former apprentice employee at Drobrox mentions, people inside this company are very considerate. In addition, the food in the office Dropbox reportedly also very good.

He mentioned, apprentice employees earn salaries up to US $ 8,500 per month.