10 Most Expensive Payments YouTube Star

There have been many people making money were not a few of YouTube. Armed with video content ciamik favored visitors, they are mainly earn money from advertising.

The prestigious Forbes magazine has just released some successful YouTube stars generate the most money. On average they are still young, both men and women. Here’s the list.

youtube stars

10. Rosanna Pansino – USD 2.5 million

Rosanna Pansino has a YouTube channel called Nerdy Nummies who collected 4.7 million subscribers. He likes to create content pastries recipes in a unique form. There are many who love and make it make money no less. In the range of $ 2.5 million.

9. Roman Atwood – USD 2.5 million

Roman lot of video content posted on ignorance account Prank Roman Atwood. Channel was able to collect about 7.5 million subscribers. Indeed, the action of ignorance curious, sometimes even quite outrageous. Roman make money from YouTube videos to USD 2.5 million.

8. Lilly Singh – USD 2.5 million

Just like the name of the former, Lilly also make money USD 2.5 million thanks to an interesting video content that is created. Chanel Lilly has 6.8 million subscribers. He consistently made the video with a variety of themes, such as the problems experienced by women daily.

7. Michelle Phan – USD 3 million

Michelle’s new 27-year-old already has over 7.5 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. He made a video about many important tips, especially for women. Earnings, according to Forbes USD 3 million or approximately USD 40 billion.

6. KSI – USD 4.5 million

Olatunji Olajide man’s real name has KSIOlajidebt channel which has about 10 million subscribers. There, Olajide post about game content, commenting on the latest phenomena and so on. By 2015, it is estimated he grossed $ 4.5 million.

5. Rhett & Link – USD 4.5 million

Rhett McLaughlin and Lincoln Neal Charles III in fact countless parents, their age 37 years and 38 years. But they are known to be very creative to make a video so popular. They often make humorous advertisements for companies in YouTube and highly paid. In total they reap about USD 4.5 million.

4. Lindsey Stirling – USD 6 million

Musician named Lindsey Stirling was initially difficult to penetrate the label so decided to use YouTube just to exhibit his work. This reliable violinist managed to attract many viewers and earned huge revenues. Up to USD 6 million.

3. The Fine Brothers – USD 8.5 million

Benny and Rafi Fine origin Brooklyn is a writer, producer, and director. No wonder if they create a lot of interesting video content on YouTube and hook the big fish sponsors. They are expected to generate up to USD 8.5 million from YouTube.

2. Smosh – USD 8.5 million

Smosh is the comedy group consisting of two veteran YouTube star, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hexoc. They were among the first to become famous thanks to YouTube with a variety of funny video creations. This year, Smosh said gain of USD 8.5 million.

1. PewDiePie – USD 12 million

Man’s real name Felix Kjelberg Ulf Arvid has been repeatedly named as the richest man of the creation of the video on YouTube. With online PewDiePie name, he made a lot of content about video games interesting. This year alone, the man from Sweden who lives in England is earned USD 12 million.